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This is going around a lot of lists.

Yes, the price is great.

Here are some things to consider before buying a repeater for the amateur bands:

* if permanent, work out your coordination. the vhf and uhf band plans in many metro areas are quite full. for norcal, go here: https://www.narcc.org/ there's also https://ncdcc.net/home/ but narcc is official. (it is complicated)

* go talk to someone who operates a repeater to find out what it is like. (I run W6OTX on 33cm, 70cm and 2m, someday 23cm)

* secure a location.

* budget for feedline, antennas, tower climbing (if you can't do it yourself), cavity filters, power, test equipment, real estate, software updates/licenses, networking,, computers, racks, etc.

* for 70cm, understand PAVE/PAWS. the military is primary in the 70cm band; part 97 is secondary. we must adjust or turn off as required. the sac area folks know this all too well given their proximity to Beale.

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