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Feb 5, 2022·edited Feb 5, 2022Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

A few years ago I picked up a HobbyPCB Radio Shield RS-UV3A and compainion RS-UVPA 5W amp. I was experimenting with flying a radio on a small drone. I mated it to a Raspberry Pi runing a lightweight VoIP chat app. It worked, very much a kludge, but I got busy with other stuff and so it went on the shelf. I imagined setting up the RPi as a hotspot and connecting to it with an echolink-like app but with radio controls, and also having a DIREWOLF modem on the Pi with JNOS or other data routing, but most of that would require app development that's above my abilities.

Main problem with the RS-UV3A is that it uses the same chip as the Baofeng FM radios, so no flat audio out. This might be agumented today with a RTL-SDR dongle for receive. Or skip the RS-UV3A and just use the 5W PA and a LimeSDR or even a GPIO pin with filters.

But again, the hardware is the easy part...

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