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Mar 4, 2022Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

Steve, thanks for another interesting edition. If the RPX-100 doesn't pan out, something else will. It is a hole that needs to be filled. I'd like to see all radios targeted beyond the commodity stuff include quadrature inputs and outputs. A programmable internal CPU with open source (or at least open API) code would a plus. I agree with Lyle (another guy I remember from the eighties) - just give me the bandwidth. We're lucky with the Canadian regs, but the unfortunately the equipment and software tends to be defined by the US market. Speaking of little countries adjacent to big ones, a club member who hails from New Zealand (I'm originally Australian, so I once was the big fish) told me that their regulators approach was to let you do what you want, then you'd go to them and say "I have this new mode, would you please put it in the regs" and they would. It's almost the same here, if no-one complains no-one will come knocking. The regulators have better things to do with their time.

I have an idea. Promote wide bandwidth data communications in Canada, and everyone south of the border will get jealous and demand change!

Yesterday I got GNU Radio to transmit a signal through my ancient SoftRock RXTX Ensemble and received it on my main transceiver. I am happy, for now. Next, I will try to modulate it.



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