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Jul 17, 2022Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

Steve, although it would be nice if all of the digital voice flavors could communicate through a hotspot, this has some decided quirks, particularly when you get to Yaesu System Fusion. I believe that I understand the variants involved and have tried to explain:

Yaesu System Fusion consists of a set of technologies, some of which are proprietary and others are not. These technologies are often used interchangeably, but they are not.

C4FM is the protocol used by Fusion and other devices, such as P25, that defines the way that voice and data are encoded for transmission across the air. It is a 4-level FSK Technology.

System Fusion includes the operating modes: digital voice narrow, digital voice wide, data, and analog FM. Yaesu talks about AMS, or automatic mode selection, which allows these operating modes to coexist across the air. It also includes some other features, such as Group Monitor, Picture Messaging, and Text Messaging.

These operating modes can be used from radio to radio in simplex mode as well as through a Yaesu Fusion Repeater, and between repeaters and radios. This latter capability is called Wires-X.

Wires-X is a system that supports Yaesu radios communicating through the Internet. It supports radios communicating through a repeater or directly to the Internet, using a Windows computer. It also supports clusters of repeaters, called IMRS. You can connect nodes (a radio and computer running Wires-X software) to a Room where a number of nodes can connect simultaneously, and thus they can communicate across the Internet around the world. Nodes can be either digital voice or analog FM, although in practice very few amateurs use FM to connect to a Room.

All of the above are Yaesu System Fusion.

This is separate from YSF and FCS which are reflector systems. Hotspots can only connect to YSF or FCS reflectors. Reflectors can be “bridged” to Wires-X so that someone on a reflector can connect to a Room and therefore to Yaesu System Fusion.

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Jul 20, 2022Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

A short version: If you want to use a hotspot to reach Yaesu System Fusion Wires-X Rooms, you must connect to a YSF reflector that is bridged to the Yaesu Wires-X Room you want to communicate with. You cannot connect to a Room using only a hotspot.

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