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Always a great read, Steve. Thank you. You could try the "Buy Me a Coffee" route for some support. In my experience, few actually take up that opportunity, but what is there to lose?

In my daily paid work, I've been considering a podcast but the time (always in short supply) to provide a quality product on a regular basis has prevented me from moving forward. While some of my community members do listen to podcasts, their experiences suggest that my particular community isn't really taking up this medium. However, radio enthusiasts seem much more likely to listen to podcasts. I know I do!

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Oct 15, 2022·edited Oct 15, 2022

Of course the Telstars are (were) the coolest satellites! They even had a song.


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Thanks for the feedback Tom. I meant to say that I always viewed sponsorships more as an experiment to see if there were folks reading Zero Retries that would want to reach an audience like Zero Retries. From the lack of response, apparently the answer is no. I was kind of surprised, but there's only so much passion and energy available, and I'd prefer to put that into writing Zero Retries instead of beating the bushes for revenue.

Podcasting is getting a lot easier with tools like what are mentioned in this article:


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