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Combine AI and ALE ( https://groups.io/g/ion ) and you may be getting close to being able to just request that the your system contact someone by call auto-magically...

Speaking of ChatGPT...:

"what is ALE - automatic link establishment - used for?

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) is a digital communications protocol used to establish, maintain, and terminate communications links between two or more radio transceivers. It is commonly used in HF (high frequency) and VHF (very high frequency) radio systems, such as those used by military, maritime, and aeronautical organizations.

The ALE protocol is used to automatically initiate, establish and maintain a communication link between two or more radios. It is an automatic process that does not require operator intervention, and enables the radios to quickly establish a link with minimal delay. The ALE protocol is also used to automatically clear or terminate a link when communication is no longer needed, or when the link becomes weak or unreliable.

In summary, ALE Automatic Link Establishment is used in radio communication systems to establish, maintain and clear communication links between radios automatically without human intervention."

Ren K7JB--

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Troubling news about N2RJ, I took a few moments to send an email to the ARRL directors that cover the state where I live. Thanks for that Steve, I understand why you would be hesitant to talk about subjects like this.

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Spot on with the AI insights. In my day job, I design and help sell enterprise CCTV systems. Started deploying server based Object AI classification software 3 years ago, now it is all embedded in the camera itself. Keep talking about it AI, it is coming at us at warp speed!

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