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I really enjoy your news articles. Very inspiring!!

My entire ham hobby has been focused on digital communications. I figured I would leave some comments that maybe you can address to inspire other hams that this newsletter reaches.

I have been using Direwolf these past few years and have been trying to incorporate it more in todays world. I have enabled FX.25 on transmit knowing if there are any other Direwolf stations out there, they would receive the error-correction (less chance of a re-transmit on one side of the link). And to those stations not Direwolf, they would still receive my transmission. I realize IL2P is much better for error-correction, but I am thinking of backward compatibility.

Another idea would to use Direwolf to upgrade stations to 2400 baud packet. Nothing new would be needed since it still uses the same-ole audio interface.

I use 1.25m for packet. WOW!! What a difference!! I get the range of 2m, but little to no noise. I have been using BCM-220's and they work great (I have tested them up to 19.2k - No range checks yet until summer). I hope Alinco will do the new model right. I owned the DR-235's and they could not perform at 9600 baud (hardware limitation - they have a resistor in-line limiting bandwidth).

I have also been experimenting with LORA APRS with the T-Beams on 70cm. I still need to do some range checks. Very promising. For new I have been enjoying Mechtastic with T-Beams on 915Mhz.

Again, thanks for your newsletter and the efforts you put into it. Enjoy!!

--73 Doug N1OBU

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