May 8 • 6M

Zero Retries 0097 Podcast

A short test of a podcast for Zero Retries 0097

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Steve Stroh N8GNJ
An independent newsletter about technological innovation in Amateur Radio, promoting Amateur Radio as (literally) a license to experiment with radio technology.
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This episode, Zero Retries 0097 Podcast, is mostly a proof of concept test using a basic recording app (no editing, intros, outros, sound effects, etc.) to produce a 6:27 podcast.

Note that this podcast is not an audio version of Zero Retries - it’s more of a “meta” commentary on that issue.

Substack does a reasonable job of explaining in advance how to start a podcast on the Substack platform, but not much on how it shows up on a Substack publication, so the only way to figure that out is to is to try it as an experiment.

Let me know what you think.

Steve Stroh N8GNJ
Editor, Zero Retries