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Zero Retries 0098 Podcast

Zero Retries 0098 Podcast

Audio commentary on Zero Retries 0098 - 2023-05-12

Zero Retries is an independent newsletter promoting technological innovation in Amateur Radio, and Amateur Radio as (literally) a license to experiment with radio technology. Zero Retries’ Editor is Steve Stroh N8GNJ.

This podcast is a “meta” commentary on the Zero Retries 0098 newsletter that was published on 2023-05-12 at 15:30 Pacific.

See for more details on Zero Retries.

In this edition:

  • Request To Send - Hamvention 2023 is next weekend!

  • Story - Thought Experiment - Neil’s Night - Part 2 - Writing Neil’s Night Parts 2 and 3 was a bit like pulling taffy out of my brain - with tweezers.

  • ZR > BEACON - Mostly DIY RF

  • Feedback Loop - Thanks for the feedback on Zero Retries 0097

The Zero Retries 0097 Podcast last week was well-received. It had some technical issues especially that the left and right audio channels weren’t evenly matched. I thought that was a microphone issue, but it was actually an obscure setting buried deep in the Mac.1

I learned a lot from that first podcast and I’ll continue to refine improve my recording technique. I’ll also to continue to improve my production techniques. For this issue I wrote a script… and on playing it back, it sounds a bit scripted (to me).

Writing the Zero Retries newsletter is the primary media for Zero Retries. Doing this podcast via Substack is easy enough that I’ll probably keep doing these short, commentaries, via Substack, for the foreseeable future. That is, I won’t be launching this as a “traditional” podcast in the near future.


Steve Stroh N8GNJ
Editor, Zero Retries


For the very curious, the problem was (Applications > Utilities) in the Audio MIDI Setup app, the microphone was set to 2 channel, and (apparently) should have been set to 1 channel. As soon as that change was made, the audio recording apps operated normally.

Zero Retries
Zero Retries Podcast
An independent newsletter about technological innovation in Amateur Radio, promoting Amateur Radio as (literally) a license to experiment with radio technology.
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