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"that a formal Code of Conduct is actually a vital element for widespread participation especially by younger folks ... tools necessary to deal effectively and dispassionately with poor behavior"

Usually when I read a comment like this, I do a certain thing. Perhaps a conversation with another retired ham from this weekend is making me irrational enough that instead of shrugging and walking away, I will try something different. I'll try to sound my comments rationally expecting beneficial engagement from others.

"Especially by younger folks." Good sir, this cries out prejudice against the younger generations. Ageism, in a single word. Phrased another way, your defense is thus: "My children, my friends' children, and our children's children are too crass to be involved in our organizations unless we have a way to put them from our house." Surely there is a better justification? Surely there are additional justifications? Surely any of those can, could, and should be used when such an ageist defense can be discarded?

The young people that you say make it common sense may not have been your children but were your friend's children or your children's children. Is this statement a silent recognition that you and your peers have failed to raise the suceeding generations to act, in klugdish summarization, honorably?

I hold no more influence over my peers or my friends children then you did in the same situation at my age. I am just as bothered and affected or more by my dishonorable "peers" as you are. I recoil at the vile thought that they are my peers.

Can we not hold the conversations that would have raised my peers to be wise and honorable, instead of complaining about them? Frankly, one conversation closes doors and another opens them. I leave it to your wisdom to determine which conversation that is.

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