I NEVER pay to get past a Paywall, no matter what the “valuable” content is.

And I was a fan of Wayne Green since the days of the TRS Model I.

Thanks for all you do.



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Ham Radio magazine is also available here https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-DX/Ham%20Radio/80s/ It was always my favourite.

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The inclusion of the 2.4 GHz band in the M17 radio is more to do with using it via QO-100 than with it being license exempt.

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Two remarks to "content behind paywalls":

Here in Germany we have the "Verwertungsgemeinschaft Wort" (VG Wort, https://www.vgwort.de/, selling syndicate word) that collects copyright royalties and distributes them among the creators. The basis is German law according to the Berne Convention. About a third of the pages in my Web site contain "tokens" by the VG Wort - technically 1x1 pixel pictures delivered from the VG Wort servers. If a page gets hit often enough from German IP addresses, I get a part of these copyright royalties that add up to around 500 EUR a year. That about covers the cost for Web space and the few tools I need for the Web site. I do not know if other countries have similar institutions.

The other is a private activity of mine: https://www.dl4no.de/thema/amateurfunk-zeitschriftenarchiv.htm

For many years I have collected ham radio magazines. For example I have about half of all QST editions ever published, starting in the 1930s. Most of my collection is in German. You find my catalog at the URL above.

If someone has a specific question - for example "which transistor did DL3xx use in his 2m preamp described in VHF Communications edition 3/1968" I will delve into my collection and find an answer.

Much paper I got from older hams that had to separate from their collections or from their heirs. I always promise to find further uses which led to many duplicates. So from time to time I can ship copies, either to other collectors or to hams that need a special issue - for example to obtain a dimensionally stable pattern for a PCB.

Until now I have evaluated only small parts of my collection. For example I rewrote the history of ham radio in Germany in the early years after WW2, see https://www.dl4no.de/thema/rufzeich.htm.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks as always for a very thought provoking issue.

I've never made an EME contact but it's in my ham radio bucket list for sure. I find the Neil's night idea inspired. It's definitely something I would love to participate in, although of I'm honest with myself it probably won't be possible until my kids are old enough to understand it.

I agree that a focus on fun is key, but wouldn't it be neat if ARISS did get on board with an SSTV event or just making random contacts during Neil's Night. I bet a 10 year old techie would hang up a received SSTV image or a qsl card as well. Of course this shouldn't interfere with the EME focus and with the time between passes it probably could only ever be a fun add-on. The more I think about this the more I think an SSTV event would be preferable to avoid frustration from people who weren't able to get a QSO. Well, maybe it's a build it and they will come sort of thing.

One suggestion I would be to avoid setting any official or unofficial software requirements or even suggestions. As someone who actively avoids proprietary software anywhere near my ham shack the somewhat arbitrary Windows requirement rubbed me the wrong way a little. On one hand I agree that for the uninitiated SDR# is easier to pick up than GQRX, and it's probably easier to find help on Windows. On the flip side it's trivially easy for a Linux user to route received audio from GQRX to WSJT-X using PulseAudio's built-in monitor sink. No need for any "virtual audio cable" nonsense. The bottom like is that by deliberately not making a requirement or suggestion you avoid creating a situation where Linux or Mac users feel like their configuration is unsupported, or worse creating a community where Linux or Mac users are told to "just use Windows" when they ask for help. A better way to handle it might be to have a wiki where hams can share everything from software setups to antenna build ideas. This would encourage innovation and an open sharing of ideas. If you are looking for volunteers to get a wiki up and running let me know!

Thanks for all the work you put in to each and every issue.


Ben - KU0HN

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Also Neil's night made recall seeing this reddit post a few months back. 23cm portable EME.


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Hi Steve, Neil's Night is finally starting to click and I'm becoming quite interested in this thought experiment. I'm ready to help make this experiment real. Let me know how I can help bolster this event. (I'm already making a mental list of items I need to get together to attempt to listen in.) 73 Cale K4HCK

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