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Jul 22, 2023Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

Thanks for the deep dive into N6NHG. 20+ years ago Mitnick was considered a hero among the young hackers helping to figure out what the internet would become. For those of us following closely at the time, it was clear the government really didn't understand what "hacking" meant much less how to handle the response to Mitnick. And of course that response largely became considered to be an overblown reaction.

It's been odd the last several years to sit down at a new job in the tech industry and be required to watch his consulting videos designed to prevent corporate information leaks via social engineered hacking. The videos were as dry and terrible as any corporate instructional video can be, but those of us who remember who he was and why these videos exist always look back fondly on that time period. #FreeKevin

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Cale - Thanks for that perspective on N6NHG's "White Hat" phase. My involvement with IT predates that period, but I can certainly understand why Mitnick's presentations would be required viewing. Good to hear from a direct beneficiary of his White Hat phase.

I do remember the reported hysteria about Mitnick's capabilities, something to the effect (my imperfect memory) that he couldn't be allowed an electronic calculator lest he transform it into a cyberweapon.

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