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Re "Still no Part 2 or Part 3 of Crucible of Communications Series": It looks like no additional parts have been published yet. FYI, here's a good site for searching IEEE publications: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/searchresult.jsp?action=search&newsearch=true&matchBoolean=true&queryText=(%22All%20Metadata%22:%22ham%20radio%22)%20AND%20(%22Publication%20Title%22:ieee%20communications%20magazine)&ranges=2022_2023_Year

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Hi Steve, I started a thread on QRZ about "efficiency" in amateur radio and asked some simple questions https://is.gd/5d8v0a As per usual it devolved into a mess but the funny thing is I posted early this morning almost verbatim what you had to say about New Packet Radio in post #159.

Also a comment about the Texas submission in the first post might be of interest.

I have a strong suspicion why the ARRL is so narrowly focused on HF, specifically Pactor 4. I would rather not post it publicly , I'm in enough trouble already :) PM me if you're interested.

Glad you started Zero Retries, always something interesting. We may not agree on everything digital but I'll keep reading and learning.

Thank you


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The DLARC is a fantastic project, apparently a great synergy of need, funding and follow-through. Thanks for covering this. The website briefly describes the scanning and archiving process. I'm curious about the details of the entire workflow. Has someone documented this anywhere? I'd love to read or watch more details.

BTW, keep up the great work, I enjoy your newsletter- it fills a void of info not available anywhere else.

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