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Oct 7, 2023Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

In regards to the article on SMTP/POP email bbs based on JNOS 2.0, I have been using my Thunderbird email client for a few years to actually do an IMAP session quite seamlessly. All it took was a question to Maiko Langelaar (VE4KLM) and he tweaked some of the code to make it work. I also am using the NNTP feature to download and read bulletins. My JNOS install since the late 90s has served as a workhorse for me, including SMTP emails to public addresses, SMS messages to cellphones, WL2K messages and now APRS messaging and position data via APRS-IS servers. This is why we have set up JNOS in each of the state HamGates in call districts 1, 2 & 3 in the Northeast USA. More info at http://hamgate.ampr.org

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Charles - Thanks for the explanation about Hamgate and your use of JNOS. I knew that JNOS has a lot of capabilities, but I confess I haven't used it since the transition to Linux; yes, I'm decades out of date on JNOS. I've got some catching up to do.

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