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Nov 25, 2023Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

Re: Cornell University Conducting Ongoing Realtime HF Propagation Studies, Steve can you point me to any proposal or system details? My searching (starting with the FCC and Air Force documents you show, plus the Cornell Univ website) didn't reveal any of the technical details.

And about Starlink, I installed the terminal many months ago in Friday Harbor. At first the coverage was just too spotty for reliable home use (we have evergreen tree issues so the view of the sky is limited the entire year.) But in the past few months this has dramatically improved, I assume due to more satellites being in orbit. I have now disconnected the ADSL connection and am using Starlink exclusively. It's working quite well.

-Paul / wb6cxc

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Nov 26, 2023·edited Nov 26, 2023Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

The fact that users and developers are willing to jump through so many hoops and make hack fixes for VARA speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

Varanny looks like a well built addition to VARA to enhance its capabilities and I commend the developer. I really like that it's open sourced as well. But isn't it a shame all of this development time and work around fixes are all the result of the closed source software.

I know developers are entitled to do what they wish with their own IP.

But I just think it's a shame the amount of hours sunk into the several popular vara add-ons to add addition to the software that would have taken a fraction if it were a group project. And it all really just increases the commercial value of the product with no financial benefits to the developer. Great work on the project if the developer is reading this. The community appreciates your efforts to patch the shortcommings of VARA itself. And keep up the great work Steve. I promise I'll mention Zero Retries when I get back in the game here soon.

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