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Sep 23, 2023Liked by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

The information in your article concerning the limitations of NPR due to symbol restraints is incorrect, in order to achieve full speed (470kbps) with NPR, you need to consume an entire 1Mhz of spectral width, not 100khz, at 100khz NPR is restricted to 68kbps @ 50kSps. My source is this document https://cdn.hackaday.io/files/1640927020512128/NPR70_introduction_EN_v3.6.pdf (Just for the sake of accuracy)

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John - you are correct and thank you for the careful reading of the NPR documentation. On the web version of Zero Retries 0117, I removed the reference to NPR and inserted this note at the beginning of the article:

Update post-publication - This article was edited after publication to remove a reference to New Packet Radio because in discussing NPR I misstated a major technical detail. See Zero Retries 0118 for details.

I will explain this issue in Zero Retries 0118, and full credit to you for spotting that major error on my part.

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